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ForceField Energy, Inc. (FNRG) Driving Shareholder Growth as Exclusive Distributor of High-Performance, Low-Cost Chinese LED Lighting Solutions

ForceField Energy (OTCQB: FNRG) is primarily engaged in capturing waste heat energy through the patented capture and conversion technology of their 51%-owned renewable energy subsidiary, TransPacific Energy, Inc., as well as delivering next-gen LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixture technology to global markets, which more than doubles the lighting efficiency of traditional HID lighting (55 lm/W with high intensity discharge, 140 lm/W with Cree XM technology). The company also has mounting interests in real-time customer data capture (automated metering) and ASLM (automated street light management) via its cleantech-focused IT subsidiary, PowerOneData International, Inc., as well as in the field of trichlorosilane production, a key chemical used in the making of polysilicon for photovoltaic solar panels.

The company’s LED operating segment is particularly attractive given the underlying growth metrics of the technology, as consumers and businesses rush to upgrade their lighting infrastructure over the next decade or so. With two major deals last month alone, FNRG is making shrewd use of their exclusive rights to distribute the premium lighting fixture product catalog of Shanghai-based manufacturer Lightsky (Shanghai Lightsky Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.) in Central America, Latin America, and the United States. Lightsky grew out of the Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology to become one of the leading high-tech display and illumination LED developers in the country, and FNRG also has worldwide distribution rights for their lighting systems on a non-exclusive basis.

Lightsky’s broad array of systems, based on their design and utility IP portfolio (full catalog), bring higher quality diodes together with proprietary circuitry and electronics to deliver an ingeniously engineered product that management considers to be the best performing LED hardware available on the market today for home, commercial, and industrial applications. We are talking LED units here that are capable of attaining a whopping 60k-hour life rating from a fully ISO9001, CE, CSA, and UL certified manufacturer that is RoHS (restriction of use of hazardous substances) compliant. The housing and controllers on these beauties are second to none, really differentiating the product line from competitors. The LED fixtures in Lightsky’s portfolio are a proprietary marvel designed to maximize the efficiency of the underlying technology in every incarnation.

FNRG inked a three-year, $12M plus minimum purchase deal with extremely well-positioned global energy solutions supplier, First Choice Energy Ireland, at the start of last month (Sept 9). First Choice has industrial plant targets mapped out in Ireland, as well as a Fortune 500 company division, a major hotel group, and regional municipalities. This partnership has zoomed in on a high growth market where massive impetus from both consumer and commercial sources exists, giving FNRG an important foothold in the larger EU market as well, a market where Ireland continues to outpace the average in terms of demand for sustainable infrastructure upgrades. Following up this huge supply deal in Ireland with a consulting and sales agreement later in the month (Sept 30), FNRG partnered with respected national long-term care provider, LNHA Service Corp., whereby the company will handle the Louisiana Nursing Home Association’s Member, a large a non-profit federation of some 250 nursing facilities, as well as assisted living communities, currently providing care to upwards of 30k elderly/disabled.

That second deal taps into a huge market for FNRG, the 80k plus nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in the U.S. alone that pull down around $200B in annual revenues. Leading studies on depressive disorders indicate that the poor quality of lighting in most nursing homes contributes directly to reduced quality of life for elderly individuals, ultimately resulting in mood, sleep, and hormonal irregularities. The high brightness and high CRI (color rendition index, represents capacity to render color in a manner similar to sunlight) of these LEDs make them ideal for application across this entire sector, providing improved aesthetics for residents, as well as economics for the operation.

The sharp reduction in dangerous chemicals needed to produce LEDs, in conjunction with the massive reduction in energy consumption over traditional HID lighting sources by as much as 50% to 70%, makes the market appeal of this segment of FNRG’s business evergreen, with rapidly accruing demand from all relevant categories for optimal LED lighting solutions. From panel lights, bay lights, street lights and even high-power LED flood lights, to Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays for advertising and signage, Lightsky has developed the fundamental LED technologies needed to carve off a sizeable slice of the global commercial/residential upgrade pie from HID lighting (estimated to be around $1T). Needless to say, FNRG shareholders are set up here nicely to profit from the proliferation of this established Chinese manufacturer’s portfolio and Lightsky’s ability to do custom-built LED systems to spec will merely add fuel to the fire.

Investors can take a listen to the recent (Sept 18) interview with FNRG’s CEO, David Natan, by investors relations powerhouse, MissionIR, covering the company’s proprietary waste heat conversion technology and rapidly emerging LED division, as well as their overall growth strategy and recent progress on other fronts at the following link (

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