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Gourmet Coffee Gifts Available at World Trader Coffee

The holidays are right around the corner so get your gourmet coffee gifts from World Trader Coffee. Soon everyone will be trying to get the latest and greatest new thing out for their friends and family, and they will probably forget about it in less than a year. You can do the same thing without the hassle of going to a store by getting them something they can really appreciate no matter what is out. That is gourmet coffee.

Our coffee is something that almost everyone enjoys even if they are not coffee connoisseurs. This is because our coffee is not your average grocery store coffee, but some have a natural sweetness, or a spicy flavor, even chocolate overtones. Get your friends and family something they will truly love at World Trader Coffee.

We coffee gift packages with a variety of coffee that will save you lots of money and ship quickly too. One good example is the World Explorer Coffee Package. This is the coffee package for the true coffee lovers or worldly people. It is like a tour of all the major coffee producing regions from Central and South America to Indonesia and Africa. Your recipient will enjoy the richness of Celebes Sulawesi, the organically grown and pleasantly spicy Bolivian Colonial Caranavi coffee and of course the aromatic Tanzanian Peaberry coffee grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro with a flavor softened by wine and fruity overtones.

We also provide a delicious rum cake known as Wicked Jack Butter Rum Cake. This moist buttery vanilla cake is dipped into the finest Jamaican rum. It, of course, goes exceptionally well with all of our World Trader Coffees but especially the Papua New Guinea Peaberry coffee. In fact, they can come together in a separate gift package. The mix of the cake’s moist buttery vanilla flavor and the balanced flavor and chocolate overtones of the coffee are unforgettable. Even more interesting is that the recipe for this cake was actually found inside a sunken pirate ship.

You have not had coffee until you’ve had World Trader Coffee

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For information on these incredible savings and on all our coffee contact us: Customer Care staff by phone at 877-303-JAVA (5282).