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Survivor Blood vs Water Recap: Tyson Takes Down King Aras

After tribal council, Vytas continues playing to the women’s emotions and re-solidifies his alliance with Tina, Katie and Monica. He tells them they will have a solid 5 member alliance at the merge because Aras will join their group.

Jeff Probst has big news for the group when they reach Redemption Island Arena for the next duel. He reveals that the winner of the duel will re-enter the game. The duel is an endurance challenge that requires Laura M., Laura B. and John hold themselves up on a pole for as long as possible. John is the first to fall. Laura B. starts to struggle, but makes a few saves before she finally falls. That means Laura M. is re-entering the game. She also gets to hand out the hidden immunity idol clue if she doesn’t want to keep it. Laura throws it in the fire without reading the clue. Jeff then tells everyone to drop their buffs because they are merging.

Back at camp, Ciera pulls mom Laura aside to tell her about their alliance with Tyson, Gervase, Caleb and Hayden. She also shares the plan to take out Aras next. Laura is on board with the plan. Meanwhile, Vytas and Aras are confident in their positions in the game. They believe they will run the show and call the shots. What they aren’t aware of is Tyson’s mission to send Aras packing. They also have no idea that Tyson has found the hidden immunity idol. Tyson says he will keep his find a secret unless it can be used to save an alliance member or blindside an enemy.

For the first individual immunity challenge the castaways must memorize a series of images and then show Jeff the images in the right order. It comes down to Aras and Vytas. Vytas wins immunity, which isn’t good for Aras. At camp, Tyson sets up votes against Aras while Aras targets Laura M. and Ciera.

Aras is sent to Redemption Island after a big blindside at Tribal Council.


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