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Survivor Blood Vs Water Recap: Tyson Takes Down Another Baskauskas

Tyson orchestrated Aras’ blindside last week and got called out by Tina when they returned to camp. Aras’ brother Vytas takes a different approach – he hides his anger and congratulates the alliance in power on their big move.

For the next immunity challenge, the castaways must eat disgusting food. Players are knocked out each round until a winner emerges in round 3. Tyson, Monica, Vytas, Gervase, Caleb and Hayden get through round 1 by eating a shot glass full of worms. Monica and Gervase move on to the final round after downing pig intestines. Monica quickly eats her two live grub worms in round 3 and wins immunity.

Back at camp, Tyson is calling the shots on who to vote out. He wants Vytas gone first, but Vytas makes a few good arguments about why he should stay and Katie should go. He points out that sending Katie to Redemption would take another pair out of the game. He also promises Tyson his jury vote. Tyson seems open to keeping him, but in the end he sticks with eliminating Vytas because he doesn’t want to appear as if he is the one controlling his alliance’s vote. Vytas is sent to Redemption Island where he will eventually have to battle Aras in a duel.

The second immunity challenge requires the castaways to hold up a sword and balance a stack of coins on the hilt. It comes down to Tyson, Hayden and Katie. Tyson is the first to drop out and is followed quickly by Hayden. Katie wins immunity.

Tina knows she is on the chopping block so she sets out to find the hidden immunity idol, which Tyson has. Tyson has kept his idol a secret so he has to go along with a plan to split the votes just in case Tina finds the idol. This gets Monica super paranoid because she knows she is on the bottom of the alliance and will probably be the person they throw votes towards. Tina is sent packing at Tribal Council.


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