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Survivor Blood vs Water Recap: Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Water

It turns out that in the game of Survivor blood is not thicker than water. Ciera and her mom Laura are the only pair left in the game with the departure of Tina. They are sitting in a good spot in an alliance of 7, but Ciera feels being a pair is going to lose its advantage very soon.

For the Redemption Island duel, Aras, Vytas and Tina must retrieve three bags using a grappling hook. Using a ball from one of the bags, they must then complete a table top maze. Vytas falls behind in the grappling hook portion, but soon catches up. Tina is the first person to make it to the maze. She gets to the end, but her ball falls through a hole and she must start over. Vytas completes the maze, which ensures him a spot on Redemption Islands for another few days. It’s a close race between Aras and Tina. Tina pulls through for the win, which makes Aras the first member of the jury. Vytas gives the hidden immunity idol clue to Katie, but it really doesn’t matter because Tyson secretly has the idol.

Katie immediately begins searching for the idol when she gets back to camp. She realizes that the idol is probably her only hope of staying in the game because the alliance of 7 is in control. Meanwhile, Ciera admits to her mom that she may have to vote her out of the game. Laura understands and is proud that Ciera is taking control.

The immunity/reward challenge is an endurance competition that requires the castaways to stand on a small, slanted platform on the edge of a platform in the water. All they have to hold on to is a knotted rope. It comes down to Tyson and Monica battling for the immunity necklace. Tyson struggles for a few minutes before he falls. Monica wins immunity and a hamburger/hot dog feast for herself and one other person. She decides to skip the reward and give it to the entire tribe instead.

Back at camp, Ciera is aware of the plan to send her mom packing. She shares the news with Katie, who claims to have the idol. Katie says she intends to play the idol no matter what happens. Ciera calls her bluff with a bluff of her own and Katie folds immediately. Ciera takes the information back to Tyson, Hayden and Caleb in the hope that it will make them vote for Katie instead of her mom. The ploy doesn’t work. At Tribal Council, Laura is sent to Redemption Island. Ciera’s vote helped seal her fate.


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