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Investor Club Picks 25 Winning Stocks in a Row

Stock Picks Reach Amazing Average High of 146%

The Green Baron Investors Society, home of The Green Baron Report, with its more than 750,000 investor subscribers worldwide just celebrated their 12th year in business recently releasing their 112th fully profiled Green Baron “Stock Pick”. The Green Baron has one of the most impressive track records and results on Wall Street, not to mention a loyal and supportive following of satisfied investors whose swelling ranks make the investment club one of the largest and most successful in existence.

The Green Baron’s solid reputation is surpassed only by their solid results. Their most recent 25 Green Baron “Stock Picks” have rallied from their profile price to an amazing subsequent high at an average of over 146% with many also experiencing record volume increases.

The best news of all for traders is that joining The Green Baron Investors Society is fast, easy and absolutely free. Members receive exclusive Green Baron Reports, research, analysis, resources and tools in addition to what many investors hail as the best free stock picks on Wall Street. Interested parties can join The Green Baron Investors Society by visiting www.TheGreenBaron.com then clicking any of the “Join” icons located throughout the website.

So how does The Green Baron do it?

The Green Baron has been at the forefront of using social media and the Internet to inform large numbers of investors about carefully selected public companies they feel are on the verge of a major upswing in the very near future.

“There are countless low priced stocks out there that should be trading at several times their current price – the only thing they are missing is an audience”.

By putting the eyes of the world, so to speak, on just the right company at just the right time, The Green Baron is able to dramatically increase company exposure and investor awareness usually resulting in increased activity and support for the stock, which often results in a significant increase in share price and volume.

Since time is money on Wall Street, and even a few minutes can make the difference between a profitable or a losing trade, The Green Baron’s obvious strengths lie in their ability to instantly communicate with and inform their more than 750,000 members via the Internet and mobile devices. The Green Baron has been able to tap into this new social media experience to great benefit for their members as well as the companies they select. The Green Baron Report has also partnered with several other like minded newsletters to provide one of the most effective, powerful shareholder awareness campaigns in the business.

Editor in Chief of The Green Baron Report, Matt Chipman explains; “We use every communication tool at our disposal to not only identify low priced stock ideas for our members that meet our strict criteria, but also to communicate to our members those investment ideas which are at what we feel is the perfect time to act in order to minimize risk and maximize profits. Does our system work? I think the results speak for themselves.”

Chipman is interviewed about once a month on the cable television show “Money TV” that is broadcast in select markets to discuss his views of the financial markets. The show offers The Green Baron another way to discuss their views of the market and alert investors when a new stock pick or alert is coming. To subscribe to The Green Baron Report visit www.TheGreenBaron.com and to sign up for The Green Baron’s FREE Stock Text Alerts - text “JOIN” at 561-284-3259

Public companies wishing to be featured by The Green Baron Report can contact MattChipman@TheGreenBaron.com for additional information.

The Green Baron Report is sent via email to over 750,000 email subscribers, including PDF Green Baron “Stock Pick” and “Stock Alert” reports so that they can be forwarded via email to anyone or posted on the Company’s website or other investor awareness sites. They also tape and edit their own webcast interviews with management of most Companies. To maintain contact with members via mobile device they provide their popular free text alert service for instant access.

Green Baron Ventures, Inc. parent company of The Green Baron Investors Society and Report believes that most of the problems public companies face can be solved or most of their goals achieved by significantly increasing investor awareness about their company and its investment potential. The key is communication. Not only communication with their shareholders, but also with potential and future shareholders, and there has never been a better or more cost effective time to do that. Chipman states, “Sadly most of the companies out there have little or no idea how to attract large numbers of investors to their stock. That’s where we come in.”

The bottom line is that The Green Baron’s system works and their results are real. Investors can see for themselves by visiting www.TheGreenBaron.com

Editors Note: Phil Kreider and Matt Chipman represent TheGreenBaron.com home of the best FREE stock picks on Wall Street and the world famous Green Baron Report. Joining is fast, easy and absolutely free. Stocks featured by The Green Baron often see gains of 100% or more! To subscribe to The Green Baron Report visit www.TheGreenBaron.com and to sign up for The Green Baron’s FREE Stock Text Alerts - text “JOIN” at 561-284-3259

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