Morrisville 12/11/2013 6:15:00 PM
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Dr. Charles Lee, MD, Founder and President of Polyglot Systems, Inc., to Help Improve Healthcare Communication for FDA

Progress is being made in the healthcare community with the appointment of Charles Lee, MD to the Risk Communication Advisory Committee. The founder and president of Polyglot Systems, Inc. has been appointed by the Food and Drug Administration as a consultant for the Risk Communication Advisory Committee. In this newly appointed role, Dr. Lee will consult with the committee on various strategies and programs that are designed to improve communication for health illiterate patients and reduce the frustration and risk of litigation for healthcare providers. 

Dr. Lee is a great choice for this role as he is the founder and president of Polyglot Systems, Inc, a company whose mission it is to help the US medical community better care for the 26 million Americans who cannot communicate or have a difficult time communicating with the medical community. Polyglot Systems has strived since 2001 to deliver cost effective solutions that eliminate these communications barriers and improve patient satisfaction and reduce frustration and risk of litigation for healthcare providers at every stage of the medical encounter. 

Dr. Lee has been awarded several SBIR grants from the National Institutes of Health to improve healthcare communication and reduce disparities of information access for minority populations. He and his business are the recipient of the People’s Choice Award at the Council for Entreprenurial Development’s InfoTech 2003 and the prestigious Tibbett’s Award in 2001 from the US Small Business Administration for his work. He was also awarded the Health Care Heroes award from the Triangle Business Journal in Raleigh, NC. 

The award winning software from Polyglot Systems is designed to improve health illiterate patient understanding. This effectively reduces costs, improves performance, speed and health and therefore patient satisfaction. These products have been licensed to hospitals, health systems, clinics, pharmacies, and public health departments across the country. You can learn more about Polyglot Systems and Dr. Charles Lee by going to