Durham 12/7/2013 6:28:00 AM
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Take Back the Music Industry with Song Backer: A Musical Democracy

Get Signed Up, Get Song Requests, Get Paid to Perform

Song Backer is a site that gives artists and fans a way to directly with each other with more than a few random profile comments. Song Backer allows fans to request covers from their favorite artists and allows artists to raise money for a more professional music video than they could do without us. Music has been a part of our history and culture for centuries, it defines us. It is time to take the power back. Fans can fund their favorite artists and artists can be funded by, and sell music to, the people that love them. Artists join for the fans and fans join to find their next favorite artist.

This has nothing to do with a record label, a publisher or a distributor. No one except the fans themselves is deciding who should be supported. Finally the buying power is back in the hands of the fans. Music should be for the fans so the fans should have the first say. At its core, Song Backer is about empowering you, no matter if you are a fan or an artist. Set up a Song Backer profile and start browsing, requesting covers and backing your favorite artists. There are no fees, no contracts and no commitments. Song Backer is an entirely new way to share music videos and make music.

For the Artist, we respect what it takes to put yourself out there. Whether you are just starting out or already have a large support foundation Song Backer is the best venue to share the art of music and more specifically, music videos. At Song Backer you are not competing with funny cats, Song Backer is what MTV, and then MTV2, was supposed to be, all music videos, all the time. Don’t let the increasingly money hungry music industry tell your fans who to like, share your talent on Song Backer and reap the rewards of fame.

Artists need their fans and fans need better music. Support each other on Song Backer