Durham 12/12/2013 7:09:26 AM
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Artists need their fans and fans need better music. Support each other on Song Backer

Song Backer is the premiere fan based crowd-sourced funding website for musicians and recording artists. There are three main benefits to joining Song Backer, the first being that you are able to create a direct connection with your fans. This allows them to support your music through a Direct-to-Fan model.

You are also able to upload and share and raise money. You can raise money anyway you can be it from your music video performances of cover songs and original works. Add this to any additional revenue you may be earning from YouTube and you are getting paid.

Finally, you can get funded by your fans to have your professional music videos produced. All Song Backer gets is a small commission from each successfully backed project and the rest is yours.

Calling all musicians, singers, and songwriters in any genre. Sign into your free Song Backer account and set up your profile by providing a brief bio. Share your profile with your family and friends and fans so they can become your Backers and make cover song requests or help you fund and original project.

With Song Backer, you get paid to perform. You will be instantly notified every time a Backer pledges to support any of your song goals. Once a goal, or a backable, has been met or exceeded and the duration has expired, you will instantly be paid 85% of what you grossed to your Paypal® account and Song Backer gets 15% to provide the service and keep things up and running.

If you would like a quality, friendly way to get your name and your songs and your talent out there, Song Backer has you covered.