Durham 12/12/2013 7:14:59 AM
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Song Backer Gives the Power to the Artist in a Way No Other Site Can

As an Artist, your music is the way you share your personal stories, your victories and your defeats, your happiness and your struggles. At Song Backer we don’t care what genre of music you use to express yourself, only that you do in every way you can. We not only want to heat your music, we also want to see your music and step into your mind. With Song Backer and the fans that support you, your music will become the soundtrack to the lives of millions around the world. At Song Backer we strive to show you exactly how much we appreciate your art. Whether from an iPhone or a professional director, Song Backer and your fans will do everything to see you succeed.

Song Backer is not a record label, it is not a music studio, it is not a publishing house, Song Backer is fans. We are fans that want to group with other fans to become liberators of the shackles of the music industry. We fancy the clean and simple way of life that respects the law of transparency. The music industry is changing. The way music is created, brought to the fans and paid for is all undergoing a radical change that we would like to be a part of. Song Backer is working to put the power of the music industry back into the hands of the Artists and the fans that love them.

Sign into Song Backer for free and after setting up your profile with a bio, photo, and video introducing yourself share your profile with your friends and family and fans. Then they can start making cover song requests and fund these requests by becoming your Backers. Your Backers are people who believe in you, support your music and want to see you make it.

Each time a Backer pledges to support any of your goals, you will be instantly notified and once your goal has been met and time has run out, you will instantly be paid 85% of what you grossed to your Paypal® account. Song Backer takes 15% to remain up and running but the rest is yours to use to get your video produced.

Here at Song Backer, we strive to be as transparent as possible and ask only that you be so as well. You will always know where we stand because we will be as clear as possible with you. If you have any suggestions about something we could implement or something we could do better, let us know.