Durham 12/13/2013 2:00:00 AM
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Find and Connect with Real, Talented Artists On Song Backer

SongBacker.com is a website where fans, supporters, and believers can come together to become “Song Backers”. Signing up on Song Backer is quick, easy and completely free. Feel free to sign up through FaceBook or Google as well. Once you have your account is set up you can scour the the site looking for music that you like and you can begin requesting cover songs to be performed from your favorite Artists. Song Backer provides you with your own “Backer Profile” page where you can keep track of requested songs, backed songs and their progress. You can even share your page with your friends.

Any song in the Backable area is ready to be funded which is the last step in making the music video a reality. Backers can pledge anywhere from $1 to as much as they like. Every raindrop raises the ocean and every cent brings your favorite Artist closer to reaching their goal. You can even choose your own incentive, which is the Artist’s way of saying “thank you”. Watch the goal’s process update in real time after you pay your contribution. Share any song’s goals that you have backed with your friends so they can join in on the action and make that video a reality as quickly as possible.

Once a song that you requested or backed is funded completely you are then notified as the Artist updates their Backers throughout the video’s production and the incentive delivery process and once the Artist is done the video is uploaded. You are then free to share your successfully backed project and your favorite Artist with your friends.

Without fans artists can not make a living. Fans like us are the life blood of musicianship. A world without music and music videos is a world without productivity, fun and zest. Song Backer was created to shift music video production and our interaction with our favorite artists. Be a part of the creative process with Song Backer.