Durham 12/26/2013 11:57:12 PM
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SongBacker Puts the Power in the Hands of the Artists

As an Artist, you share everything that means anything to you through your music. All of your personal stories, your triumphs, and struggles and even your failures are expressed wholly through your music, and while it is unimportant exactly how you express it, it is crucial that you alone are the one deciding how to express it. At SongBacker we don't want to just hear your music, we want to see your music and be transported to a world that you created. 

Your music becomes the soundtrack to the people who can not create their own music. Whether you are in front of your iPhone camera alone with your guitar or in a Christopher Nolan dream sequence, performing a cover in a garage or your latest single in front of thousands, it is all the same to us as long as it comes from the heart and we would love to help you see your dream realized. 

This is why we are calling on all artists, all musicians, singers and songwriters from every genre. Sign up for free with SongBacker, set up your profile with a brief bio, photo and a video introducing yourself and go center stage front with your music. After that, share your profile with your friends and family and your fans so that they can make requests for cover songs and help support you with positive feedback and funds. 

These we call Backers and each time a backer pledges to support any of your song goals, you are notified instantly. Once your goal has been met, you are paid 85% of what you grossed to your Paypal® account, SongBacker keeps things up and running with a 15% commission and you can use your money to then get your video produced. Perform the song at hand, post it to your fans and the world to see and the stars will align.