Durham 12/28/2013 12:05:00 AM
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Sign Up with SongBacker as an Artist for Control, Sign Up with SongBacker as a Fan to be Heard

Music defines who we are, it tells us who are friends are, it motivates us, it makes us sad and happy. Therefore, we should not let anyone tell us who we should listen to or who the best is. That is a decision that everyone should make on their own and SongBacker is giving you a chance to do that. We are giving you the chance to have a voice in the music industry, it is time to take the leap from fan to backer. 

SongBacker gives you the chance to connect directly with the artists you love the most and the artists that you learn to love the most. This is not just about a few random comments that will probably get ignored, this is you jumping into the creative stream. When you post feedback and suggestions for artists to implement, you are giving yourself a voice in the music industry. 

SongBacker does have a record label in it, we are not publishers or distributors, we are a hub for Artists and fans to converse and decide what the next hottest sound is going to be together. SongBacker is a musical democracy that is giving you buying power and creative control so take it. Signing up with SongBacker is free and the only thing we take money from is a 15% commission from the music video funding so that we can keep our lights on and our coffee hot, otherwise you can use the rest of your money to get your video produced and become a world famous artist. 

We are providing power to the artist. Your music is how you share your personal stories, your triumphs and your struggles and even your failures. We do not care how you express it, only that you do in the way that means the most to you. That is what great music is really made of, there are millions of people who can play a guitar really well, but only a few that can move us.