Durham 12/29/2013 12:10:00 AM
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SongBacker, Designed with You in Mind

Whether you are an artist or a fan, SongBacker has everything you need right here in one place. It is the one place where you can fund, produce and share your music video performances with total creative control. It is also the one place where a fan can discover and connect with the artists that they love or the ones that they have grown up with. It is a place where these fans have a voice in the music industry because music is for the fans. 

SongBacker is a musical democracy and that means music by the people, for the people. Artists rise from the crowd and are celebrated and funded by the crowd, just like it was meant to be. Buying power belongs in the hands of the fans. Set up a SongBacker profile and start requesting and bidding on cover songs that you want to see your favorite artists perform. 

At SongBacker, we expect you to jump into the creative stream. We want you to bid on and request cover songs you want to see your favorite artists perform. Because, music is not just background noise, it motivates us, tells us what to feel, it defines us and is one of the the ways we sort out our friends. Sign up on SongBacker and listen to music the way it was supposed to be heard, the way the artist wants it to be heard. 

Here there are no record labels, publishers or distributors. All control is in the hands of the artists and all support and funding comes from your fans. The Artists have their creative control, and the fans have their voice, what more could anyone ask for?