Durham 12/30/2013 12:15:00 AM
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SongBacker is a Practical Way to Discover and Connect with New Artists

SongBacker is a site that lets artists fund, produce and share music video performances. We give you creative control, give you the ability to sell your music straight to the loyal fanbase that you can build here at SongBacker, and we let you connect directly to that loyal fanbase so that they can give you feedback. This is what SongBacker really is at its core, a democratic platform for crowdfunding music videos. 

SongBacker does not want to replace, or even try to compete with record labels or music publishers. Rather we are trying to be a practical way to discover new artists without being told who to listen to. That is why we are giving you a place where you have all the control of everything you do without trying to take your money with sign-up fees, monthly account charges, recording contracts, and hidden fees. 

The way SongBacker makes money from the artist is from a small percentage from Paypal® of what they raise for a completely backed music video goal or a downloaded song sold in their digital store. SongBacker only takes 15% from song goals, and that is just to keep things here running so that you can make the music you want to make. We let the artist have the full amount from MP3 sales. 

Join SongBacker and create a direct connection with your fans. Upload, share and raise money from your music video performances of cover songs and original works in addition to any revenue you are earning on YouTube and get funded to have your professional music videos produced. That is what SongBacker was designed for.