Durham 12/31/2013 12:20:00 AM
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Join SongBacker, a Musical Revolution, and Take Back the Music Industry

SongBacker is the one place where you can fund, produce and share your music video performances on your terms, the way you want to. It is a new way for Artists to earn money, and fund their creative works. Here at SongBacker we connect the people creating music with the people who want to see, hear and support that music. 

While record labels and publishers can still do their job, we act as a liaison that provides direct contact between the Artist and their fans. Artists can earn more for their music videos and then that money can go back into their music and more music videos. SongBacker is what would happen if YouTube, Kickstarter and Twitter all had a baby. 

SongBacker is a musical democracy. As an artist you deserve more of the earnings from your creative works and the budgets necessary to realize your video vision. And if you are a Backer, you want to see more of your favorite artists’ work turned into videos, discover new musicians and support those worthy or your backing. This is the purpose of SongBacker, a premier, and truly democratic platform for crowdfunding music videos. 

We, at SongBacker want to give you everything you could want as an artist. We want to help you build a fan base, get noticed for a record contract, but also give your creative control, sell your music directly to fans, and get those same fans to help you produce your very own music videos and even give input about what they want to see. 

The artists are important, but what is an artist without fans. We are serious music fans just like you are and we understand what it feels like to discover a new artist. With SongBacker you can show that artist much love by connecting with them and requesting music videos and then supporting them on their journey.