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College Education Available For Christians According To ChristiaNet Poll

College education such as early childhood, online college courses, bachelor degrees and sports management are some of the education related articles at http://www.christianet.com/education/.

ChristiaNet.com (http://www.christianet.com), the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, asked readers to respond to the question, "Should Christians get a college education?" Out of 188 participants, an overwhelming 171 answered, "yes." One reader said, "Everyone on this earth should be entitled to education, without regard to race, color, religion, faith, or status." Since Paul was educated, did that make it easier for him to write the letters to the churches, in the Bible? Several in this group pointed out that having an education can add to the quality of one's life and even provide the means to give more to God's work, through acquiring more knowledge and obtaining a better job. (http://www.christianet.com/education/)

Seven people who responded "no" to this question did not feel that having a college education was necessary for Christians, to do God's work, but could advance one's career. Bible colleges offer education in God's word, helpful for those who want to be pastors and teachers involved in full or part-time ministry. One participant said, "I believe we should continue learning all our lives, and especially learning about the character of God." Even though this group answered "no" to the question, several seem to believe that an education can be beneficial.

Ten readers were unsure but emphasized the importance of a person following the leading of the Lord for their life. If a Believer feels that it is God's will for them to obtain a college education then they should pursue that. One person said, "It is not a prerequisite to being a disciple of Jesus Christ." Each person should search their own heart and find out what is available to them and what kind of program would fit their lifestyle since there are more choices now than in times past.

An education can offer more than just acquiring knowledge about a particular subject. Many colleges teach critical thinking skills and provide insight to students on other cultures, different types of occupations, and lifestyle application. Many Believers that participated in this survey seem to unanimously agree that continuing education is good for anyone. One participant stated, "My son is going for his M.D. We need more Christians in the upper fields of business and education."  For more information, visit: http://www.christianet.com/articles/

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