Salt Lake City 1/3/2014 5:10:00 AM
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You couldn’t make it up. A Russian “Antarctic research vessel” carrying not diligent scientific researchers but 74 taxpayer-funded climate extremists on a junket to help them make up headlines about sea ice melting because of “global warming” finds itself stuck in – er – sea ice. And sea ice in high summer at that. The extremists, as so often happens, had believed their own propaganda. They had believed Al Gore. They had believed, poor saps, that Antarctica was warming and melting. It isn’t. 
Aside from the Antarctic Peninsula (just 2% of the continent), which has an anomalous climate, Antarctica has been cooling since satellite records began, and sea-ice extent there has been growing. Even at midsummer, Komrade Kaptain. 
The Antarctic sea-ice anomaly, measured by satellites and published by the University of Illinois (2013), shows that global warming is not yet global. Because Antarctica (like central Africa) has been cooling, sea ice there has been on a rising trend for the past 33 years. 

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