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Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Celebrates the Commencement of His 28th Year in Practice

Bronx criminal defense lawyer Peter J. Schaffer commences the 28th year of practice providing counsel to members of the Bronx and greater New York City community in his office at 184 East 161st Street. While he has had several different offices over that period of time, all of them were within one block of the Bronx Criminal, Bronx Supreme and Bronx Family Courts. His access to those Courts and intimate knowledge of the people who work there have provided him with a tremendous amount of experience in practicing law in New York City. He is proud to be a professional working in the South Bronx. Peter J. Schaffer practices exclusively in the areas of criminal defense, false arrest and police brutality, and serious personal injury. He works in all New York and Federal Courts. He provides skilled DWI defense both in Criminal Court and at the DMV.        

Mr. Schaffer handles matters ranging from pink summons issued for minor infractions to federal death penalty eligible crimes. Mr. Schaffer has conducted arraignments, bail arguments, hearings, grand jury proceedings, bench and jury trials in New York City and the surrounding areas since 1987. He has tried federal cases in the United States District Courts for the past 19 years. Peter J. Schaffer has appeared numerous times on live television on such shows as the Nancy Grace Show on HLN, COURT TV, News12 The Bronx, and "IN SESSION" on truTV as a commentator in criminal law and trial practice. Peter J. Schaffer represents clients in every stage of the criminal process from investigation through appeal including:  New York and federal criminal cases, DWI/DUI, false arrest, malicious prosecution, police brutality, traffic and motor vehicle infractions and violations, probation and parole violations and revocation, serious personal injury, and medical malpractice.   

If you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation, or have been a victim of false arrest or police brutality, call (718) 585-4444 or visit:

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