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Work with World Trader Coffee to Protect the Rainforest and the Rights of Workers

World Trader Coffee and The Rainforest Alliance are working to protect the environment and the rights of workers who work tirelessly to grow the coffee that we drink everyday. The basic guidelines are known as the Sustainable Agriculture Standard and additional specific rules apply to coffee producers. Rainforest Alliance Coffees earn the seal when they are produced with the highest degree of effort. This effort goes towards the preservation of habitats natural to the rainforest in which they are grown.

Some of the coffees we sell here at World Trader Coffee Rainforest Alliance Certified and, in addition, are absolutely delicious. Nicaraguan coffee is a perfect example of a Rainforest Alliance coffee that is known for its full bodied flavor and its distinctly less acidic taste. It is known to be a well-rounded cup of coffee. A lot of what makes this coffee so good is its surroundings. Nicaragua is the land of lakes and volcanoes so the rich soil will, of course, yield coffee plants that are as robust and well rounded as this one.

However, possibly the most famous on the list of Rainforest Alliance coffees is Blue Moon coffee from Bali. The smooth body and overwhelming chocolate overtones of this jewel of a coffee is no accident and comes after a devastating tragedy. In 1963 all coffee production was delayed due to a massive volcanic eruption. While that halted production, the volcanic soil paved the way for the amazing coffee it yields today.

Now the Subak Abian oversee the agricultural technology and farming practices in Bali. They strictly prohibit the use of pesticides and make sure that all fertilizers are 100% organic. The promotion of improved coffee growing practices is expected to enhance both agricultural technology and socio-economic standing for the small island.

Order Bali Blue Moon Coffee and enjoy one of the best coffees you will ever have while helping people in places you have never been with World Trader Coffee.

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