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Little Known Yet Delicious African Coffee Available at World Trader Coffee

Very few people know that some of the most remarkable coffees available are Africa Arabia coffees. East Africa is home to countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia which produce rich, full bodied coffees with overtones from floral to citrus to fruit. In relation, just across the Red Sea, lies Yemen on the Arab peninsula, which is home to some of the world’s oldest and finest African coffees including the well known Mocha coffee. Of course, we also offer two very special Peaberry coffees from Africa to offer a complete selection. 

Kenyan coffee is among the best coffees in the world. For years it has remained a top-quality coffee producers and it has been renowned for its rich body fragrant aroma and intense flavor. Due to the fact that World Trader Coffee only sells the best quality coffee available, we offer Kenya AA coffee. While this is a ranking system used in Kenya, it is often mistaken for a type of coffee. When you order Kenyan coffee from us, you are getting the largest beans with the most flavor. These are powerful, bright coffees with complex undertones of citrus to berry to winey. 

In Addition, the slopes of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro produce a sweetly acidic and wonderfully aromatic coffee with intense flavor. The Tanzanian Peaberry coffee is cultivated by small farmers high in the volcanic slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro where the rich soil produce this coffee with an intense flavor which is softened by wine and fruity overtones. Peaberry coffee is always a rare find, but always worth it. The coffee that is produced from the peaberry bean is so flavorful and strong that you will just keep pouring yourself cup after cup. 

Order Bali Blue Moon Coffee and enjoy one of the best coffees you will ever have while helping people in places you have never been with World Trader Coffee. 

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