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World Trader Coffee Peaberry Coffees Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

When Valentine’s Day finally arrives you should have something that the two of you can share and appreciate together. A gift is nice, but a gift that two people can share in together is better and peaberry coffee from World Trader Coffee is exactly that. Peaberry coffees are coffees made from the coffee cherry that produced a single bean rather than the usual two. This single bean is processed into Peaberry coffee which is known around the world as some of the best coffee in history. 

From a coffee drinker’s perspective, Peaberry coffee beans are much smaller in size, but are said to have a more robust flavor and to be more acidic which is good for taste. While this is true no matter what, there are various theories about why. Some believe that the superior taste comes from the roasting process because the round oval shape of the coffee allows the bean to roll more easily and therefore more evenly. Another theory is that, as mentioned before, the smaller size of the single bean adds more density than the typical two beans. Still another theory is that the superiority comes from the selection process whereby regular beans are separated out from peaberries. Whatever the cause, the result is a superior cup of coffee that can be enjoyed on a cold Valentine’s Day night. 

Due to the fact that only 5% of all harvested coffee beans are in the peaberry form, peaberry coffee by its very nature is considered rare and hard to find in stores as well as online. But World Trader Coffee is the exception as we have the widest selections of Peaberry coffees from Africa, Indonesia and the Americas. We even have Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the most sought after coffee in the world, the undisputed king of coffee, in its peaberry form. 

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is famous for its refined taste, balanced body and intense aroma, but also for having an unusual sweetness. This is generally considered by coffee connoisseurs all over the world as the world’s best coffee. More impressively, it has held that title for over 200 years. Combining that status with the enhanced flavors and body that is expected to be in peaberry coffee and you can be sure that Jamaican Blue Mountain peaberry coffee will make this Valentine’s Day one of the best and most memorable for many reasons. 

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