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Website to analyze and track demographics for Healthcare.gov enrollees and visitors becomes available on January 30th

A nonpartisan project in which citizens can record their enrollment experience with Healthcare.gov and Obamacare. Registration is free and combined statistics are displayed immediately.

Is Obamacare meeting expectations? Only the Whitehouse knows, and they have refused to tell members of Congress and the American people.  However, on Thursday January 30th,  ReportOnObamacare.com wants to change that. 

ReportOnObamacare.com is a nonpartisan, private sector website designed by Chuck Kirkpatrick, Navy veteran, and Founder and CEO of ThePeoplesVote.com and developed in partnership with Edesignerz.com.  According to Kirkpatrick, people that have enrolled through Healthcare.gov or the state exchanges, or shopped but didn't enroll, can submit basic information in less than 3 minutes.  And after each question is answered the percentage total of all answers will be displayed immediately in a colorful pie chart.  

“Taxpayers paid for Obamacare and they  have a right to know if their money accomplished what they were promised. And if the American people and the media will get behind this website and help reach the masses, accurate ‘truthful’ data will be available in just a few days.” states Chuck Kirkpatrick, the website’s Founder.   According to Kirkpatrick,  private information such as street addresses, social security numbers and birth dates are not requested in order to protect their identities. 

ReportOnObamacare.com will provide data as to what ages are enrolling, how many have actually paid premiums, were the premiums considered affordable, severity of pre-existing conditions, political affiliation and much more.  “Understand this is not about being left or right,  it's about truth, transparency, and accountability. And each week we will issue a detailed analysis report to the Press that will clearly show the information that the Whitehouse wants to control.” adds Kirkpatrick. 

About ReportOnObamacare.com

ReportOnObamacare.com is a private-sector project totally funded, designed and maintained by ThePeoplesVote.com and Edesignerz.com. It is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or maintained by any government agency, special interest group or political party or candidate.  ThePeoplesVote.com provides citizens a truthful information resource free from media bias and partisan spin. Later in 2014, federal, state, and local governments, elected officials and political parties will be able to utilize our data to understand the true will of the people as it relates to important public policy decisions.

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