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Misinformation Rampant in Divorce Industry

The divorce industry affects nearly everyone, and everyone has questions and misunderstandings about what is likely to happen to their family should a divorce occur. Like sex education in past decades, the misinformation surrounding divorce laws is rampant and prevents the public from making intelligent, informed decisions. Ohio Divorce Lawyer Anne Harvey recognizes that the public needs straight answers to straight questions about the most important issues in their divorces.
Lawyer Anne Harvey has prepared a series of 10 short, informative and interesting videos addressing the most common questions -- and misconceptions -- she encounters in her divorce practice. She expects to release the first two videos to the public in February 2014 free of charge. Topics covered include when a child can choose which parent to live with; when can a spouse lock the other out of the marital home; and how long does it take to get a divorce in Ohio. Lawyer Anne Harvey studied her client files to find the questions most often asked by clients and cross-referenced to the questions where she found the most misinformation. Lawyer Anne Harvey believes that her videos should help to educate the public by answering common questions in a simple format that can be viewed privately or with family members. In order to make her videos accessible to as many people as possible, Lawyer Anne Harvey plans to release them systematically across sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and popular lawyer directories. 

Questions or suggestions for future topics can be directed to Lawyer Anne Harvey, 345 North Main Street, Unit 2, Springboro, Ohio. She may also be reached by telephone at (937) 436-0556 or by email at Her website is:

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