Fort Worth 2/8/2014 1:51:34 AM
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Anzea Textiles Discussing Faux Leather and Coated Fabrics for Commercial Contract Upholstery

In the world of high performance contract upholstery there are woven fabrics, and there are coated fabrics.  Coated fabrics are more commonly known as faux leathers across contract and interior design markets.  A coated fabric is a textile that has been coated, covered or impregnated with polymer a based substance.  Typically polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane is used in commercial grade upholstery to coat the woven backing cloth underneath. Each type of coating has its own unique attributes.  The textile underneath is engineered to have a slight stretch and is usually constructed as a knit and consists of polyester or a poly/cotton blend.  Anzea Textiles ( does carry a product made in the United States that is of a nylon matrix construction giving the textile different inherent capabilities than the typical coated fabric.

Anzea Textiles has a large selection of all three types of coated fabrics.  The faux leathers that are sold at Anzea are all high performance and perfect for uses in high traffic areas in hospitals, restaurants and casinos.  Faux leathers are popular for these applications because they can be cleaned easily, they can be inherently stain resistant and they will withstand extended heavy use.  All of Anzea Textiles fabrics and coated fabrics pass the ACT Standards (