Fort Worth 2/13/2014 4:42:31 AM
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Anzea Textiles Discusses Faux Leather, Coated Fabrics, Textured Coated Fabrics and Specifications

Printed faux leather is a completely different animal than textured faux leather.  In the printed variation the print is applied to a base coat using the cylinder print process.  The textured variations are applied to the coating by embossing.  These faux leathers have been both textured and printed. In this case the texturing on a printed coated fabric is the final step before the finish top coat.  In Anzea Textiles’ ( newest introduction which will be released next week, all five are printed and textured faux leathers.  The Extra Celestial pattern has a more distinctive honeycomb embossed texture.  Faux leathers that are printed as well as textured add just a little bit of extra depth to the design aspect.  The texturing is done to allow for a greater friction coefficient when sitting on the piece of furniture covered in textured faux leather.  Mostly in healthcare applications, the friction coefficient for the top of the furniture is a significant concern.  Healthcare facilities need a textile that can withstand heavy use, be cleaned easily and not become slippery when it gets wet.

Anzea Textiles’ next introduction consists of five printed faux leathers, technically called coated fabrics.  The Sky Writing pattern can be found exclusively in the United States at Anzea Textiles.  The five patterns offer great diversity in print design as well as color.  These faux leathers offer the contract upholstery market the perfect combination of resilient construction and leading edge color and design.