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Environmentally Shade Grown Coffees Available at World Trader Coffee

Shade grown coffees are considered more flavorful and delicious and environmentally friendly than many other coffees in the world today. They take longer to ripen, but this is why they are considered to taste better because the long ripening times contribute to their complex and robust flavors. Coffees like the Nicaraguan coffee, Colombian Supremo and Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota coffee are all delicious Shade Grown coffees that are among the best tasting coffees in the world. 

Nicaraguan coffee is a medium bodied coffee full of flavor and distinctly less acidic than many other coffees in Central America. It is widely known as a well rounded cup of Arabica coffee. The quality of Nicaraguan coffee has attracted the world’s attention because the land of lakes and volcanoes has reputation for their rich and fertile soil that yields a classic cup of coffee. The great body, clean flavor and great balance is unique among other Central American coffees because of the height at which it is grown. Due to this height, it avoids the acidity that is found in many other Central American coffees. 

Another coffee is the Colombian Supremo coffee that is grown high on the slopes of the Colombian Andes. This South American coffee is renown for its pleasant acidity and smooth finish. The coffee is medium to full bodied with overtones ranging from nutty to fruity. It is the perfect balance between acidity and richness and it is smooth from beginning to end. The coffee growers care for their crops with deep devotion and their experience and deep knowledge of the art of growing and processing coffee has thrived for generations in Colombia. 

Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee is one of the finest coffees grown in the Tarrazu region. The Don Roberto coffee plantation is unique in that it enjoys a special microclimate that is ideal for coffee production. The microclimate has the ideal growing conditions of volcanic soil, temperature, sunlight and moisture. This coffee is also strictly organically grown as the use of pesticides and herbicides is eliminated through the manual removal of weeds and the use of natural processes. 

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