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World Trader Coffee Presents Several Premium Organically Grown Arabica Coffees

World Trader Coffee is pleased to present several premium Arabica coffees organically grown to protect the environment. All of our organically grown coffees are of a single origin either from the Americas or Africa and each has its own unique story. Some of the most notable organically grown coffees include Bolivia’s Colonial Caranavi Coffee and Cameroon Boyo coffee. 

Bolivia’s Colonial Caranavi coffee actually derives its name from the small farmers known as colonials stemming from a government land reform in the early 90’s. This reform allows them to reacquire the land taken from them by large landowners in the 1950’s. The coffee itself comes from the Yungas region in the state of La Paz on the majestic Eastern ridge of the Andes mountain range at elevations between 4,000 and 6,000 feet. A total of 41 small organic coffee farms produce this rare coffee and all farming is done in accordance to methods designed to optimize quality without the use of chemical fertilizers. 

The result of all their hard work is a heavy bodied coffee and pleasantly spicy coffee with mild acidity. 

Then, from the western highlands of Cameroon, West African farmers are proud to organically produce Boyo arabica coffee. The pleasing aroma, mellow flavor and rich full body distinguishes this fine coffee from any other African coffee. Cameroon Boyo coffee is delicious and grown from the nutrient rich volcanic soil and plentiful sunshine. 

In addition, Boyo coffee undergoes an all natural processing from cultivation to harvesting to selection. The Boyo coffees of Cameroon are grown alongside other crops to spread out the individual trees, thereby minimizing the risk of infection among the coffee trees and avoiding the need for chemical herbicides and pesticides. Enjoy the flavorful, organic and the result of the hard work and dedication of the West African farmers with Boyo coffee from Cameroon. 

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