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Protect Farmers and the Environment with Gourmet Coffee from World Trader Coffee

Fair Trade Certified coffees are types of coffee that are fighting to improve farming conditions and the rights of workers. With a deep plummet in the price of coffee, many farmers have been unable to support their farms and their families. Fair Trade Certification is awarded to coffees that are bought at a reasonable price and from farms that are working to increase technologies and praise their farmers. Some of the best Fair Trade Certified coffees from World Trader Coffee are Papua New Guinea coffee, El Salvador Santa Teresa Coffee and the “White Eagle” coffee in Toraja Sulawesi. 

Papua New Guinea coffee is known as a sweet full bodied coffee. It is characterized by a balanced flavor, chocolate overtones and slightly dry finish. Interestingly, coffee production in Papua New Guinea originated with the introduction of Jamaican Blue Mountain seeds in the late 1920’s. Most Papua New Guinea coffee is organically grown by small farmers that are organized into co-ops to share the coffee processing facilities. Papua New Guinea coffee is well-balanced and earthy with a sweet acidity and complex fruity aroma. 

If you are looking for a full bodied coffee with an intense aroma and a smooth but complex flavor, this El Salvadoran coffee from the Santa Barbara Estate is perfect. Cultivated from more traditional varietals the shade grown technique along with organic farming and combine in this remarkable, smooth, full bodied and rich coffee. 

Finally, the White Eagle coffee from the Toraja Sulawesi region is a world class coffee grown organically as well as with shade techniques. This coffee is grown by the oldest and original Toraja trees which can only be found in remote Ethiopia. This coffee is so special it is kept completely separate from all other coffees and is known as the crown jewel of all of the Toraja Arabicas with only between 300 and 600 bags produced each crop year. 

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