Boston 2/19/2014 2:07:57 PM
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Class Action Filed Against Andersen Windows Claiming Defect Leads to Mold Growth, Rotting

A class action lawsuit has been filed in Massachusetts alleging that Andersen Window’s 400 Series Tilt Wash vinyl-clad windows are defective and prone to rotting, mold and premature failure, reports. is informing consumers that a lawsuit has been filed in Massachusetts against Andersen Windows over its 400 Series Tilt Wash vinyl-clad windows. The lawsuit alleges that this line of Andersen windows is defective and prone to moisture intrusion, which can cause the windows to rot, decay, deteriorate and fail prematurely, as well as cause mold growth to surrounding structures. Although Andersen provides a warranty with its windows, property owners allege that the manufacturer refused to honor its warranties and replace the windows upon receiving reports of problems. While this class action covers all property owners in Massachusetts, the attorneys working with are investigating whether similar lawsuits can be filed in other states and need to hear from consumers who experienced problems with their windows.

The class action lawsuit alleges that Andersen’s 400 Series Tilt Wash vinyl-clad windows are defective and prone to moisture intrusion, which can cause the windows to fail prematurely, rot, decay or grow mold. The plaintiff alleges that mold growth may pose a health hazard to property owners and moisture problems can damage surrounding furnishings such as walls, drapes and blinds, which may cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. According to the lawsuit, Andersen formerly treated its windows with a wood preservative, yet has since stopped applying that preservative to its 400 Series Tilt Wash windows, which may be the cause of these problems.

The plaintiff claims that he noticed his windows, just five years after installation, were collecting condensation that had to be wiped away daily. Other property owners claim that their windows became covered in ice or no longer kept cold air out of their homes in the winter. Despite offering a 10- and 20-year warranty for its windows’ non-glass and glass parts, Andersen allegedly failed to honor these warranties when consumers reported problems with their windows. According to the lawsuit, Andersen told property owners that high levels of humidity in their homes were causing these problems and that this would not be covered under their warranties; however, several property owners claim home inspections revealed no such problem.

Have your Andersen windows caused property damage? If so, the attorneys working with would like to hear from you. Andersen is the world’s largest manufacturer of wood windows, and lawyers across the country are currently investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of consumers who purchased allegedly defective windows from Andersen. If you have questions about your legal rights, or would like more information, visit today.


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