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Follow the Frog with Gourmet Coffee from World Trader Coffee

World Trader Coffee is proud to offer RainForest Alliance Certified coffees. These coffees are intended to protect the environment and the rights of workers. The basic guidelines are called the Sustainable Agriculture Standard and additional specific rules apply to coffee producers. RainForest Alliance coffees earn the seal when they are produced with the highest effort to preserve the natural habitat in which they are grown. Some of the most notable RainForest Alliance certified coffees include Nicaraguan coffee and Bali Blue Moon coffee.

Nicaragua is home to a medium bodied, full flavored and distinctly less acidic coffee. Nicaraguan coffee is considered by many to be a well-rounded and “classic” cup of coffee. the quality of Nicaraguan coffee has attracted a lot of attention around the world. It is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes and this combination result in rich fertile soil that yields this gourmet coffee with its great body, clean flavor and balance. It avoids the acidity of other Central American coffees by being Strictly High Grown coffee. 

High in the Kintamani highlands, most of the coffee known as Bali Blue Moon coffee is grown. Atop the large volcanic plateau between 1300 and 1700 meters the jewel among coffees stands out with a smooth body and overwhelming chocolate flavors. This coffee is an shining example of what RainForest Alliance coffees are all about thanks to the strict farming structure organization known as the Subak Abians. The “SA” oversee both agriculture technology and religious activities. The promotion of improved coffee growing practices is expected to enhance not only agriculture technology but social and economic standing in Bali as well.

More than 25 million people in the tropics depend on coffee, a crop that is the economic backbone of many countries and the world's second most traded commodity after oil. Coffee is farmed on about 30 million acres worldwide, an area larger than Portugal and nearly the size of England. Most of the farms are in areas regarded as high priorities for conservation. Help preserve coffee farms by following the frog with World Trader Coffee. 

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