Fort Worth 2/20/2014 1:22:16 AM
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Anzea Textiles Introduces Five New Printed Faux Leathers: Providing Domestic Exclusivity with Sky Writing Faux Leather

This month Anzea Textiles ( is releasing five new patterns in their faux leather collection Sky Writing, Extra Celestial, Big Bang, Air Waves, Magnetic Fields.  All five of these patterns are printed coated fabrics.  All of these textiles pass the ACT Standards ( for coated fabrics.  The patterns range in color and design from muted and scientific to bright and whimsical.  They are all bleach and alcohol resistant.  All five faux leathers are one hundred percent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with a knit backing.

Sky Writing is so aptly named.  The contrasting wandering whimsical dots on a saturated solid background give great movement to this pattern.  It is available in 14 color ways.  Sky Writing also has a light pebbled texture giving it a soft and supple hand.  Sky Writing will be sold EXCLUSIVELY by Anzea Textiles in the United States.

Extra Celestial is named for its openness and outer space feel.  This pattern looks back in time at the universe through a high-powered telescope.  Extra Celestial is available in seven color ways.  The color palette of this pattern is tonal and biological.

Magnetic Fields is named for its one off symmetry and graphic strait lines.  Magnetic Fields is like looking at an aerial view of crop designs.  This pattern is available in fifteen color ways.  Magnetic Fields also has a slight metallic sheen that adds a little more depth.

Big Bang is named for the pop of contrasting color on a solid background.  It is reminiscent of the first burst of life in the universe.  Big Bang is available in ten color ways.

Air Waves is named for the flowing current like feel that lends the perfect balance of movement and symmetry.  The Air Waves pattern provides a warming sensation like that of a balmy summer afternoon by the pool.  It is available in thirteen color ways.