Salt Lake City 2/21/2014 4:13:46 AM
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As global warming stops and models fail, it halves its near-term warming forecast

All you need to know about “global warming” is in this one simple graph. For 17 years 5 months, there has not been any global warming at all. 
None of the computer models so imprudently relied upon by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted that. 
According to Remote Sensing Systems, Inc., the longest continuous period without any global warming since the satellite record began in January 1979 is 17 years 5 months, or 209 successive months, from September 1996 to January 2014 inclusive. 
Indeed, on the RSS dataset there has been no statistically-significant warming at 95% confidence for almost a quarter of a century. 
The Central England Temperature Record, the world’s oldest, which tracks global temperature change well, shows no warming – at all – for 25 full calendar years. 

The Central England Temperature Record, unlike the global record, shows a strong seasonal signal from the summer peak to the winter trough each year. 
The fastest supra-decadal rate of warming observed in any temperature record was recorded in Central England from January 1694 to December 1733. During that 40-year period, temperature in Central England, and probably worldwide as well, rose at a rate equivalent to 4.33 C° per century. 

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