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Unlike Anything Ever Given to the 6 Billion World Population - Is Now Avaiable - By the Most Unlikely Entity - THANK GOD!

REVOLUTIONARILY NEW ENERGY NEWS BY WAY of a SIMPLE GIFT - Unlike Anything Ever Given to the 6 Billion World Population - Is Now Available – By the Most Unlikely Entity -  THANK GOD!


Arlington, Texas, April 25, 2007 Trans World News . ONEGIFT4POWER.


ONEGIFT4POWER is the most  unique charitable organization in the World and the entity who owns the use of this primary energy gift. 


It was formed because it was given a magnanimous and unparalleled  GIFT of Intellectual Property. 


It was formed to raise funds from those who care about America and the World, as relates to ENERGY – FUEL and an ENERGY SOURCE to develop as much CHEAP, clean and safe electrical power as the entire WORLD needs and/or wants, and is available today, not   tomorrow. 


The GIFT was given by a man who owned TEN different Power Plants, and the Technology, and gave ONE Power Plant, plus 10% of the technology,  to ONEGIFT4POWER. 


He started the organization simply because the GIFT, energy, fuel and fuel source, visa vie totally new and dynamic Power Plants, would NEVER get to market the normal way.  They would surely stop it.


No one can stop a charitable organization from helping Americans and the World’s population,  no one, no matter how powerful they are, ergo no one can stop interested and compassionate entities from helping the charity to help America and the World.  As many as it takes!


The GIFT is simply a New Science, revolutionarily new and dynamic,  “SOLID-POWER”  Technologically designed Electrical Generating  Power Plant.  Electricity is what the World needs and wants more of, but today it is being supplied by dirty and unsafe sources.


The operating system of the Power Plant defies physics, or more accurately, physics never tried, so now they are cynically at odds with it. 


For this reason, those, in the last 44 years,  who wanted to see secrets, never did, because a century and a half ago, their OWN scientific community, prevented them from even searching it out, ergo they never witnessed any of the New Science Technology it contains, and even those who care, cannot understand that which they were never taught and/or teach.  Bottom line:  science thinks it is impossible to achieve.  All students of science, over the centuries, were taught to also believe this, ergo, they want to see secrets, BUT if secrets are shown, the lid is off, and IT WILL BE STOPPED BY THE POWER BROKERS.  PERIOD!  Plus, none even knows or understands the New Science brought forth from it, ergo NO ONE FROM OLD SCIENCE, or ENGINEERING, CAN BE AN EXPERT


A simple analogy: 


Much like a man trying to sell a brand new, better than the older models,  Buick.  If the person buying,  NEVER saw a Buick, NEVER drove a Buick, NEVER heard of a Buick, then this person could never understand HOW GOOD THE NEW BUICK IS over the old!  It is as simple as that.  A test drive is what it will take to convince the buyer how great the new Buick is.


Dante A. Donatelli Jr., is the individual that freely gave the GIFT to onegift4power and they are the entity entrusted with giving  to science and the World, “the test drive”! 


Dante is the President of onegift4power and works for no salary!


He is 72 years old, has been in many businesses for over 60 years, has dealt with business people, investors, bankers, Venture Capitalists, the U.S. government and Power Brokers, and the one thing they all had in common, was they wanted to see secrets, without even signing an “Agreement of Intent”, ergo trying to get a free look see at secrets worth trillions of dollars. 


And, besides this, it is a known fact, that most every country on Earth, steals secrets of one sort or the other.  Super caution must be in place.


He found this, as any business person or even any intelligent person would agree, to not be beneficial to he and his discovery, ergo he never revealed the secrets.


Now, onegift4power needs the help of anyone who has a problem with Power Brokers, the Government, Big Business, Foreign Oil Brokers, the so called Global Warming, the price of gasoline the use of coal to generate electricity, and the desire to have all Oil wells Coal mines, and Nuclear energy uses, closed down, to please get involved. 


Simply, anyone, poor, rich or middle class, EVERYONE has the same chance for NAME IMMORTALITY, usually reserved for the rich, AND we are the only charity in the World to offer this immortality to anyone who contributes.  NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN GIVE AN ENTITY NAME IMMORTALITY, FOR ANY PRICE, EXCEPT US, who will own the GIFT that the World will see, FOREVER, as it will be on display, with ALL NAMES OF THOSE WHO HELPED, for eternity, after we are done with it.


After all, the first benefit will be a tax deduction, but we offer six more that most other charities cannot offer, PLUS 2 MORE.  We also offer, the  high end contributors, a win-win investment/contribution offer, by our Marketing corporation, “CEDCO”


Check us out, at, under “UPDATE”, as we explain more by expanding on this short text.  Also check “CEDCO” out, at


Then give as much as you can, one time, and your name will go down in history, as when in 18 months after we fill our current fund drive, we will expose the EM 5000 Power Plant, the World Class “test drive”, that will be running itself and needing no added fuel.  Period! 


These two facts, running itself and using no fuel are DYNAMIC and the one’s that defy physics and science, but unbenounced to most in science, THEIR OWN SCIENTISTS discovered the ENERGY, FUEL and ENERGY SOURCE, in 1807 and 1856, but other scientists, in 1847, put the total squash on any in physics, engineering or science to ever use what was discovered.  Dante re-discovered it in 1957, and the story begins there.


Please check us out, and you can read extended text concerning what has been stated herein, ESPECIALLY the GIFT and how it operates.


Any questions, call Dante at 817 – 461 – 5560.