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Free Legionella Webinar: Detection & Identification Workshop

Legionnaires' disease (LEE-juh-nares) is caused by Legionella bacteria. The bacteria got its name in 1976, when many people who went to a Philadelphia convention of the American Legion suffered from an outbreak of this disease, a type of pneumonia (lung infection).

Clearwater, FL  -- Each year, between 8,000 and 18,000 people are hospitalized with Legionnaires' disease in the U.S. However, many infections are not diagnosed or reported, so this number may be higher. More illness is usually found in the summer and early fall, but it can happen any time of year.  The Legionella: Detection & Identification Workshop webinar is FREE and has been developed for industrial hygienists, facilities managers, school personnel, federal governments, service contactors, and consumers to better understand the implications of Legionella.
Register today for one of the two (2) upcoming 2014 webinars sponsored by the award winning Pure Air Control Services:

·         Webinar: Legionella: Detection & Identification Workshop March 6th 2014 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

·         Webinar: Legionella: Detection & Identification Workshop March 20th 2014 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

This workshop provides information on Legionella detection and identification, which is crucial in order to effectively investigate the infectious entities in and around the indoor environment. Emphasis has been given on various techniques for detecting, isolating, testing and controlling Legionella in and around indoor environments during the session. 


What the Legionella: Detection & Identification Workshop will provide:

~ Introduction to Legionella
~ Health Implications
~ Environmental Assessment
~ Laboratory Aspects
~ Management and Regulation
~ Standards and Guidelines

Legionnaires' disease (LEE-juh-nares) is caused by Legionella bacteria. The bacteria got its name in 1976, when many people who went to a Philadelphia convention of the American Legion suffered from an outbreak of this disease, a type of pneumonia (lung infection). Although this type of bacteria was around before1976, more illness from Legionnaires' disease is being detected now.  Due to consumer awareness, added research and technological advances in healthcare Legionnaires disease identification is becoming more apparent.

The presenter, Dr. Rajiv Sahay, Director of Laboratory services at Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab), an AIHA and CDC accredited laboratory stated that “as a result of our AIHA accreditation as a environmental microbiology laboratory and CDC ELITE credentials, our clients are assured of highest accuracy scientifically and legally defensible data available.”  Dr. Sahay further stated that “we look forward to continuing to work with many facilities staff in helping them build a strong proactive Legionella program in their facilities.  We look forward to helping to educate you further on Legionella through our webinar”

For more information on developing a proactive Legionella testing program for your buildings call the Building Scientists at Pure Air Control Services or go to: Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDlab), a CDC ELITE laboratory (contact Dr. Rajiv Sahay 1-800-422-78731-800-422-7873 ext 303).  DIY Legionella kits are available at: and other fine retailers.

EDLab presently has Legionella sampling contracts with VA Medical Centers (VISN 19, 12 and 8) among other national clients.  Ask us for a contract rate for your facility at 1-800-422-78731-800-422-7873 ext 802.

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