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Author Patricia Daly-Lipe, The Literary Lady, Recognized by Close-Up TV News

Haymarket, VA The poet Rilke once said, "The world is large, but in us it is as deep as the sea." Indeed, whether it’s writing, painting or composing music, the imagination is the divine force. If you don't block it up, it will surprise you.

Acclaimed author, artist and educator Patricia Daly-Lipe is an expert on the nature of creativity and the process of artistic expression. Her most recent book, A Cruel Calm, Paris Between the Wars was awarded first place in historical fiction by the Royal Dragonfly Book awards, and a biography of her great uncle, The Patriot Priest, will be available in March of 2014 through Strategic Media Books.

“I wanted to go beyond ‘who, what, where, when,’” explains Patricia. “I wanted to know the ‘why.’ To me it’s all about inspiring and making people understand that there are no answers, just more questions. Creativity is about opening those doors.”

Patricia is also the author of Myth, Magic and Metaphor, A Journey Into the Heart of Creativity. The book is based on Patricia’s experiences teaching creative writing to professors at the naval academy in Annapolis. Patricia was able to help students whose entire lives were structured by rules and regulations to open their minds to the possibility of a world without rules, the world of their own creativity.

“I think everyone has their own voice,” says Patricia. “If you allow your voice to express itself and get lost in your own words, you’ll find things you’ve kept in cubby holes in your brain. It’s healthy, it’s therapeutic and that’s what writing should be all about. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Take your own imagination and convert it to words.”

According to Patricia, what distinguishes a work of fiction from journalism is the possibility of a shared act of imagination between the writer and the reader. Achieving that shared act requires tremendous discipline. Patricia’s journey as a writer has led her to study the etymology of words to ensure she chooses her words precisely, the words that best express her feelings.

“I really love the creative process,” says Patricia. “When you write, it’s a gift for whoever reads it. That’s the point.”