Massapequa Park 3/26/2014 4:30:17 AM
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Author, Linda Maria Frank, Appears on Gail King's Madhouse TV Show, Making a Difference, on Tuesday, March 25, 6PM to 7PM, EST

Self-published teen author, Linda Maria Frank appears with children's author, Karen Bonnet, on Gail King's show, Making a Difference. The two authors will share their publishing and marketing journeys and adventures.

On the heels of the release of her third Annie Tillery Mystery, author Linda Maria Frank will appear on Gail King's show, "Making a Difference". This Web TV show, live on March 25, is also available for one week and from studio archives. Along with author, Karen Bonnet, Frank will be discussing previous formative careers, writing, publishing and marketing. For both authors, this is a second career. Frank is also a cancer survivor. It is of special interest for the many people who have a story they want to tell. Frank and Bonnet offer a program in libraries and other venues called, "So You Want to Write a Story" workshop. The program offers those new to the idea of producing a book, a road map for success. There is a lot of practical concrete information from best practices to helpful websites.

Frank's third book "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys", a thrilling mystery/adventure set in exotic Turkey is now available on Amazon.

Gail King, winner of Ms. New York Senior America in 2009, appears throughout the country as a motivational speaker for breast cancer awareness and is now working with veteran groups, seniors and is involved with an anti- bullying program involving military and law enforcement.

Karen Bonnet is a publicist and author of children's adventure story, "Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones".

Both Frank and Bonnet produce, direct and market their local access TV show, "The Writer's Dream".