Marble 4/1/2014 12:16:15 PM
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New Company Helps Self-Published Authors and Small Presses Market Books

“Writers are good at writing books,” states Word Stream Books owner Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh, “but that doesn’t mean they are good at marketing them.” Word Stream’s concept is simple: offer writers and small publishing companies an alternative stream of sales with a standardized webpage, basic marketing options and the ability to expand services depending on needs.

The Word Stream Book Market offers a cost-effective and simple approach to boosting book sales. For as little as 5.99 a month, authors and publishers can list their books in the Word Stream Book Market. For the basic price, they get a dedicated webpage that has book and author information and links to outside sales sites as well as social network and mass email exposure. They also receive a 15% discount on publishing assistance services from the parent company, CRT Creative Media.

Writers can choose from a variety of publishing assistance including editing, cover creation, press releases, marketing and more. Each package is individually suited to match the writer’s needs, and everyone on the CRT team is a seasoned professional in their own field.

Many of the CRT creative team also work with Word Branch Publishing, another CRT company. “It was apparent,” explained Rayburn-Trobaugh, “that a proportion of the authors querying Word Branch really wanted to self publish but were overwhelmed by the complexity. Word Stream seemed to be a natural extension of our publishing assistance and filled the needs of independent authors.”

Signing up is simple too. There are only three simple steps, and it usually takes under an hour for authors to complete submissions. Under most conditions, the entire process is finished by the following day.

Word Stream Books also is an Amazon affiliate and offers hand-picked books, e-readers and book-related merchandise through the website. Authors and publishers can find out more at

Word Stream Books is located in the heart of Appalachia and is part of a trio of companies dedicated to helping new and emerging authors have their voices heard and to offer readers the best of independent fiction and non-fiction.