New York 4/2/2014 3:31:26 AM
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Atlas Faces Lawsuits Alleging its Chalet Shingles Can Blister, Crack and Leak Prematurely is reporting that Atlas Roofing Corporation is facing multiple class action lawsuits over its Chalet roofing shingles. According to these lawsuits, the Chalet shingles may suffer from a design defect that allows moisture intrusion. As a result, gas bubbles may form within the shingles, which can lead to premature cracking, blistering or failure. Some property owners allege that their shingles became damaged just one year after having them installed, despite the company’s claims that the roofing was built to last for at least 30 years. Because the company discontinued these shingles in 2010, property owners may be forced to replace their entire roofs if even one shingle breaks.

According to the lawsuits, Atlas promoted its roofing shingles as strong enough to last 30 years without any problems; however, some property owners allegedly found their Chalet shingles cracking or blistering just a year after having the roofing installed. While Atlas allegedly received many complaints about these problems with its Chalet shingles, the company failed to issue a recall on the roofing shingles and did not warn customers about these problems, the lawsuits claim.

Property owners allege that Atlas failed to honor warranties for hundreds of customers who filed legitimate claims for the repair or replacement of their shingles. According to the lawsuits, the damage resembles “rash blisters,” which homeowners may mistake for storm or hail damage; however, building professionals and roof inspectors alike agree that these problems may actually signify a reduced life-expectancy, even though Atlas claims that it is merely a cosmetic issue, the lawsuits claim. Additionally, damaged shingles can allegedly become more worn if they are exposed to cold weather or frost, which can crack the roofing and allow water to further damage the property.

The plaintiffs allege that Atlas has left thousands of warranty claims unanswered after the company discontinued its Chalet shingles. As a result, property owners allege that they have been forced to completely replace their roofs and spend thousands of dollars on replacement shingles.

If you were forced to replace your roofing after having your Atlas Chalet shingles fail prematurely, you may be able to seek compensation for the cost of your new roofing through a lawsuit. If you’re interested in filing a lawsuit or have questions about your legal rights, visit today and fill out our free case review form.


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