New York 4/12/2014 3:35:15 AM
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Attorneys Working with Want to Hear from Homeowners Experiencing Problems with Their Ply Gem Windows

The attorneys working with are now reviewing claims on behalf of homeowners whose properties were damaged after their Vinyl Clad Ply Gem windows leaked, rotted or failed prematurely. Two homeowners have filed a class action lawsuit in North Carolina alleging that Ply Gem’s vinyl clad windows are defective and caused water to leak into their homes, damaging walls, flooring and other household items. The lawsuit alleges that Ply Gem’s windows were not certified under the International Residential Code (IRC), and that the company misled and continues to mislead consumers by advertising its windows as meeting industry regulations.

The plaintiffs allege that a design defect allows the windows to rot from the inside out, making it difficult for homeowners to realize that their windows have failed. While Ply Gem replaced 23 of the plaintiffs’ windows in their home, the lawsuit alleges that these replacement windows suffer the same design defect, which has caused their walls, sheet rock and window frames to experience water damage and mold growth. As a result, the plaintiffs allege that they must pay to replace all of the allegedly defective windows and to repair any resulting damage from the leaks.

Under the IRC, manufacturers like Ply Gem are required to have their windows tested for endurance through a third party, which will then provide labels for the windows disclosing their approval and performance levels; however, the plaintiffs allege that the Vinyl Clad Ply Gem windows were neither tested nor labeled for endurance. The lawsuit alleges that Ply Gem knew or should have known that it did not follow federal IRC requirements, yet continued to advertise its products as meeting industry standards. Had the plaintiffs known that these windows were not certified or approved under the IRC, they would not have purchased the products, according to the lawsuit.

The class action lawsuit seeks to represent “all persons or entities owning a structure located within the State of North Carolina in which Ply Gem’s Vinyl Clad Windows are installed,” including original owners of a structure with Vinyl Clad Ply Gem windows and subsequent homeowners. The lawsuit seeks compensation for the cost of replacing the Vinyl Clad Ply Gem windows and any other property that was damaged by leaks, rotting and mold.

Do you own a home outfitted with Vinyl Clad Ply Gem windows? Have you experienced problems with leaks, rotting and/or mold? If so, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages through a lawsuit. If you would like to learn more about this case or would like help filing a lawsuit, visit today and fill out our free case review form.


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