Fort Worth 4/23/2014 2:26:46 AM
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Anzea Textiles Announce their Next Contract Upholstery Collection in Celebration of Earth Day

In a time when environmental consciousness is ever more important, Anzea Textiles continues to be on the forefront of green textiles.  To properly celebrate Earth Day we would like to announce that our next collection, making its debut in May, is our most environmentally friendly collection ever.  It will include three Bella-Dura patterns and a Mitzi Mills custom design made from recycled polyester called Mirrored Images. 

Mirrored Images is a sophisticated and versatile print design inspired by a Thai border painting popular in palaces and jewelry.  This textile is finished with the latest Crypton 2.0.   Crypton 2.0 is a superior stain resistant and moisture barrier backing which has been manufactured with greener practices and bio-based content.

Our three Bella-Dura patterns include Ducky, Grass Party and Pleats.  These products are made in the US and continue to garner awards from the most prominent industry organizations.  Awards include the 2008 A.S.I.D. Earth-Minded Award, and the MBDC Silver certification.  This textile is also honored as a 2013 Legacy Leader from the C2C Products Innovation Institute.  The Bella-Dura products exceed all of the stringent expectations for contract textiles.