Fort Worth 5/29/2014 3:19:13 AM
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Emmett Malouf Designs Exclusively at Anzea Textiles

We are proud to introduce to you our newest and exclusive line of textiles, the Emmett Malouf Collection by Linda Walter!  This will be the first introduction for the Affluence by Anzea line. 

Linda Malouf Walter established Emmett Malouf Textiles in 1992 after moving back to Texas from New York City.  Linda’s designs reflect her love of culture and travel where she draws upon her life experiences to create a wonderful blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.  She has been inspired by the mountains of Santa Fe, the vast landscapes of Texas and the picturesque rural homes of France and England.  The Campagne Collection is quite indicative of the French and English countryside using traditional motifs such as the rooster and golden wheat.  The Canyon Collection was heavily inspired by Native American artwork and leather tooling.  

Emmett Malouf textiles are light duty and multi-purpose.  Applications would include drapery, throw pillows, and light upholstery.  The base cloths are luxurious cottons or the finest linen and cotton blends.  All of the Emmett Malouf textiles have been silk screened in the UK, giving each design a rich hand drawn aesthetic.  The craftsmanship and luxury is apparent in each yard of fabric.

The Emmett Malouf Collection also includes handbags and luggage.  Patterns from the Canyon Collection have been bonded and finished with leather details to make them as beautiful as they are durable.  

Please call for pricing.