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MissionIR News - Methes Energies International (MEIL) Meets Regulatory Specification to Produce, Market B100 Pure Biodiesel

MissionIR would like to highlight Methes Energies (NASDAQ: MEIL). The company uses its own proprietary technology to produce high-quality biodiesel processors and systems to capitalize on the growing demand for renewable energy, surging energy prices, and the value of biodiesel as a practical and realistic long-term replacement for conventional diesel fuel. The company’s processors are flexible and can use a variety of virgin vegetable oils, used vegetable oil and rendered animal fat feedstock, allowing operators to take advantage of feedstock buying opportunities. Methes Energies also markets and sells high-quality biodiesel fuel produced at its 1.3 MGY (5 MLY) showcase production facility in Mississauga, Ontario, and at its 13 MGY (50 MLY) facility in Sombra, Ontario, to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

In the company’s news,

Methes Energies has created a highly effective method to produce quality B100 biodiesel. Biodiesel is a domestically produced, non-toxic, clean-burning, renewable alternative to petroleum diesel. In a conventional petroleum diesel engine, biodiesel significantly reduces tailpipe emissions of a range of harmful emissions, making it an increasingly viable option for transportation fuel, among other uses.

In an effort to utilize the benefits of biodiesel and lower greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administers the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which mandates that transportation fuel sold in the U.S. must contain a minimum volume of renewable fuels. Each year, the amount of renewable fuel to be blended into transportation fuel increases, and is expected to escalate to 36 billion gallons by 2022, compared to 1.3 billion gallons of biomass-based diesel in 2013.

Biodiesel can be blended and is typically produced in a range of concentrations, including B100 (pure biodiesel), B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel), B5 (5% biodiesel, 95% petroleum diesel) and B2 (2% biodiesel, 98% petroleum diesel), according to the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

B20 is commonly used in the United Sates, while B100 and other high-level biodiesel blends are less common due to a lack of regulatory incentives and pricing. However, B100 has a solvent effect that can clean a vehicle’s fuel system and release deposits accumulated from previous petroleum diesel use. This blend of B100 requires special handling and may require equipment modifications and must meet the requirements of ASTM D6751, Standard Specification for Biodiesel Fuel (B100) Blend Stock for Distillate Fuels.

Methes Energies is a renewable energy company rising to meet demand for B100 and filling the supply gap in the blend’s production while meeting ASTM requirements. The company offers an array of products and services to biodiesel fuel producers, and has aggressively secured footing in the biodiesel industry by developing two proprietary biodiesel processors, the Denami 600 and the Denami 3000.

The two biodiesel units have emerged as a reliable and cost-effective method to produce quality B100 biodiesel from a wide variety of feedstock. These biodiesel processors provide clients with three distinct methods to become corporately involved in the ASTM biodiesel production business, per the company’s website:

1. “Pipe‐to‐Pipe” solution – Ideal for individuals/corporations/municipalities with experience in the biodiesel/oil and gas industry. This solution provides for a Denami biodiesel processor, as well as an environmental checklist, lab equipment, in addition to an overseeing of the installation, commissioning, training, ongoing support and maintenance via an annual service agreement.

2. Turn‐key “Production Line” solution – Once the project site has been selected and approved for the production and storage of biodiesel, Methes will work with each client to set their location, including: the environmental checklist, lab equipment, overseeing of the installation of storage tanks, pipes, truck / railcar loading facility and a Denami biodiesel processor. This solution is ideal for individuals/corporations with limited experience in the biodiesel production business, looking to jump start production starting at 1.3M gallons per year (5M liters per year) of biodiesel.

3. Turn‐key “Facility” solution ‐ Methes will deliver an operating biodiesel production facility to the customer’s chosen site. Starting with an existing building or selecting to build a new one, the company will turn‐over the key to the front door of the completed project, once it is running and producing ASTM quality biodiesel. This is a great option for individuals/corporations looking for a “no hassle” solution.

Methes stated mission is to provide its clients with the best equipment and unconditional support so that they can operate a highly successful biodiesel business with total peace of mind. In doing so, the company has established itself as reputable player in the growing biodiesel industry.

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