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The New Annie Tillery Mystery, "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys" in Digital Audio, Coming Next Month

Author Linda Maria Frank, working with Producer Darlene Allen, will release a digital audio format of "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys". This exciting version, featuring Annie Tillery, in her own words, will be available in July.

Teen mystery book writer, Linda Maria Frank, has completed the trio of Annie Tillery Mysteries. All three books, "The Madonna Ghost", "Girl with Pencil Drawing" and "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys" are available in print, eBook and digital audio, available on and This allows amazon to offer special deals to book buyers.

For Annie Tillery fans and new readers, the digital audio version allows the readers to hear the story as Annie tells it. Grab some pure entertainment! Enter the world of “Nancy Drew Meets CSI”. Follow Annie as she navigates her way through intriguing plots with good forensic science, narrowly escaping the dangers that keep those pages turning.

About "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys"

A young detective volunteering at an archeological dig in turkey embarks on another adventure where she must unravel an ancient mystery and solve the secrets in the fairy chimneys..

Amateur sleuth Annie Tillery has been warned to stay away from Nevshehir, Turkey where she is heading to meet her boyfriend, Ty Egan and Cedric Zeeks, Ty’s best friend. Intent on helping the two excavate an archeological site where they hope to link human remains to the first African ancestors, Annie does her best to shake her foreboding feelings as her plane lands in Istanbul and she prepares to embark on her next adventure.

But when a stranger claims he is there to pick her up and then disappears once he sees Ty, Annie is immediately thrown back into worry mode—especially after Ty tells her there is unexplained tension surrounding the dig and she receives a threatening note at the hotel. Still, as the three head to Nevshehir, Annie is buoyed by the excitement surrounding ancient Turkey and the possibility of uncovering secrets. The dig is plagued by accidents and theft, however, the three friends, assisted by the head archeologist’s twins, must search the ancient city of Istanbul and the caves of fantastic Cappadocia to find who is sabotaging their work.

In this young adult thriller, detective Annie Tillery must once again walk on a dangerous path in an attempt to unravel a complicated mystery and solve the secrets in the fairy chimneys.