Atlanta 7/1/2014 2:27:01 AM
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 1 POV Competition, Ceremony

Frankie’s nominees Victoria and Brittany won Battle of the Block and are now safe, which means Frankie is no longer a Head of Household. Caleb is the lone HOH and his nominees are Donny and Pow-Pow.


Donny was the initial target this week, but he won the Power of Veto competition and took himself off the block. Caleb put Joey (the first member of the secret Team America alliance) up in his place and she is now the target. It seems her horrible game play over the weekend is one reason for her nomination. She wanted the replacement nominee to be a house decision and encouraged everyone to be open about who they want out. Joey even told Devin that she hoped he would be Donny’s replacement. Devin told the other houseguests and basically everyone has been laughing behind Joey’s back. 


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