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Big Brother 16 Week 2 POV spoilers: Who holds the power?

Devin is Head of Household and nominated Brittany and Pow-Pow for eviction. Brittany is his target. He turned against her soon after she pointed out that his confession about getting Donny nominated meant that Caleb and Frankie were lying when they said their week 1 nominations were based on who fell out of the HOH competitions first.

SPOILERS: Power of Veto Winner

Devin won the Power of Veto competition. His target was Brittany up until his huge fight with Caleb (read more about that here). It seems the Bomb Squad isn’t completely on board with evicting Brittany and Devin is now realizing it might be best for his game to keep her. The problem is that he can’t commit to a plan. He promised to use the Veto on Pow-Pow (who threw the Battle of the Block competition for him) and nominate Victoria for eviction. Devin then made a deal with Brittany. In exchange for them not targeting each other, Devin promised to save Brittany with the Veto and nominate Victoria in her place. He then started considering nominating his fellow Bomb Squad member Zach because Zach is ready to confront him.


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