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On July 31, 2014, female-fronted, heavy metal band, Corprit Convict, is taking the message of their debut album, Come Clean, directly to the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. The message? Remove money from politics. The band will be performing songs from the album, such as "3 Ring", "Applicator" and "Left for Dead", serving, themselves, as protest anthems and calling for change in our country. 

"Campaign financing has become the single, biggest problem plaguing our country's political landscape today. But it's also the least discussed problem, because the only people who can effect real change on theses policies, or lack thereof, are the same group cashing the checks. Money talks in Washington and, right now, it's screaming," says singer, KT. "Americans cannot continue to stand idly by as the richest members of our country continue to buy our elections and control our public officials." 

In the Spring of this year, the US Supreme Court passed a ruling that will allow individuals and corporations to give up to $6 million to candidates and parties in a 2 year election cycle; nearly 50 times the limit before the ruling. 

Supporters for the band can join them on the steps of the Congress on July 31 (last day of summer session).


On April 22, 2014, the band released their politically-charged debut, Come Clean, including the single, "3 Ring".


"When you get a metal band, like Corprit Convict, you get a taste of what Reverbnation says is #1 in that genre....Starting from a 2 piece garage band to a high ranking group is no small feat....No matter what, you should definitely be able to notice the potential these guys have."

- Daniel Morrison, CEO, Hip Rock Magazine


Come Clean is now available for $5 on Bandcamp and the band's website. They have posted 5 songs from the upcoming album. .

Come Clean track listing:

1) Sickening
2) Rattlesnake
3) Applicator
4) Disavow
5) Left for Dead
6) 3 Ring
7) Jackknife
8) Crawl to Learn


Please visit Corprit Convict’s website at for more information, including full bios, downloadable jpeg 300 dpi photos and mp3's.

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