Chciago 7/16/2014 6:08:18 AM
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Increase Janitorial Profits with Ozone

What the chemical companies hope you will never find out.

For years, the chemical manufacturers have been at war with the use of ozone.  After all, what chemical company wants to see an environmentally-safe cleaning concept destroy their profits?  So, ozone has been the whipping boy of countless insults.  They scoff at its use when treating odors and sanitizing surfaces.  They boldly declare that aqueous ozone is little more than "Voodoo Water" that is more hype than fact.  Nevertheless, Rachel Ray had aqueous ozone treated by an independent lab to discover that “It really Works”.

In another associated story, the cleaning or janitorial business struggles with Green and environmental concepts because they are convinced by chemical manufacturers that ozone won’t work, but their chemicals will.  We may never be free of some chemical cleaners, but our long-term health requires that we avoid toxic chemicals wherever we can.
Ozone is simply enriched oxygen that is charged for about twenty minutes before it goes back to regular oxygen.  During that period, ozone will remove foul odors and sanitize surfaces.  When mixed with water, it cleans stains and sanitizes.  It can even break down pollutants and films on surfaces.

The National Ozone Association is advocating that ozone is a great tool for any cleaning or janitorial service.  In fact, this concept will enlarge the market and create additional revenue for services of all sizes.  It is very unlikely that scare tactic will prevent the world from discovering the many uses of ozone for cleaning, sanitizing, odor removal and killing mold or mildew.

Ozone is already a widely used concept for industrial applications.  More pools and spas have dropped chlorine in favor of ozone which works better and does not sting your eyes.  The food processing industry uses ozone to kill bacteria on meat, fish, and eggs.  Groceries spray ozonated water on vegetables to keep them healthy and bacteria free.  Ozone is used to clean waste water from various sources.

The right mix of aqueous ozone will clean and sanitize a tile floor and make grout lines look new.  New aqueous ozone carts can be a chemical-free wash system for bathrooms and kitchens.

But, here’s the amazing part.  There is no inventory to buy, stock, and transport.  Since, chemicals account for a large part of the cleaning service’s costs, profits go up!  To add to the profits, ozone services will allow a cleaning service to open new services and attract new customers without adding to the operational costs of the company.

One example is removing odors that cleaning cannot do.  Ozone will kill mold and eliminate that mold and mildew smell.  It will sanitize an office during flu season so that the company is not weeks with a skeleton crew.

Ozone will clean floors in less time, take less manpower to operate, and it is environmentally friendly.  It is possible that ozone may bring new business in the door that has higher profit margins than anything else in the operation.

Good gyms do not want bad smelly locker rooms, sports teams are looking for ways to stop foul odor and reduce skin infections, hotels and apartment complexes need a better solution for leftover smoke, pet, and cooking odors.  

National Ozone Association invites cleaning and janitorial services to consider using ozone to improve their service, reduce chemical use and costs, lower manpower costs, and open new markets.