Winter Park 7/19/2014 5:40:02 AM
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MusicDish*China Launches Song Promotion Service For China

MusicDish announced the launch of "MusicDish*China Song Blast," a song-based promotion service targeting major Chinese streaming and social media sites. The service is culmination of five years of MusicDish promoting and touring Western artists in China, most recently Paris-based Jazz singer Clotilde and Canadian DJ Soulier.

"China's music market has made great strides over the last years, with the emergence of ad-supported and subscription music services such as Xiami and QQMusic," noted MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay. "We wanted to develop a low cost-service that would allow independent artists to test the market and determine what potential opportunities there may be." For a limited time, MusicDish*China Song Blast will be charged at an introductory price of $9.95 (standard price $19.95) -

China has the largest potential music market in the world. It is the #1 internet market with over half a billion users. It is also the #1 mobile market with over 1.2 billion active phones and over 700 million active smartphones by the end of 2013. China also has over 400 million under age 30 and the fastest growing middle class in the world.

The service, which includes a short introduction in Chinese about the artist and review of their single, targets music streaming platforms such as Ximalaya, and, supported by promotion on major Chinese social media channel, including Weibo, Douban, QQZone, Sohu, RenRen.

In addition, artists whose song are amongst the most played will be included on MusicDish*China Top Song Chart, earning them a feature on Chinese-language radio show "MusicDish.FM" to be launched this August. They will also be provided free digital distribution of their EP or album in Greater China.

MusicDish*China serves as a bridge between East & West, working on events featuring award-winning Taiwanese acts in Paris and NYC since 2011 as well as providing distribution/marketing and touring tours in China for Western acts. MusicDish*China has partnered with key events, from Midi and Zebra festivals to the Sound of the Xity conference that, in combination with its social media presence, has given it a unique brand positioning in the market. MusicDish*China has signed Taiwanese acts DJ Code, RED, Bearbabes and mainland rock band Second Hand Rose for international development and management. Founder Eric de Fontenay has been quoted in media as diverse as FT China and China Daily to Portugal's DIF magazine, and was featured in The Beijingers' 2012 Music Issue.