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War of 1812: American Exceptionalism, Free Speech and Henry Lee III ~ New WCHU on the Bryan William Brickner Blog

Robert E. Lee's father

First Amendment defense is honored today via the acts of Robert E. Lee’s father, Revolutionary War officer Henry Lee III. The Ew Publishing summer series War Cry Heal Union (WCHU) notes that more than 200 hundred years ago today, 27 July 1812, Henry Lee took a beating for freedom of speech.

Hosted on the Bryan William Brickner Blog, the sixth installment of the WCHU series, War of 1812: American Exceptionalism, Free Speech and Henry Lee III, highlights evidence of American exceptionalism via the Lee family, immigration and our Constitution.

“The Lee family is a founding American family,” opened Bryan W. Brickner; “perhaps even ‘the’ founding family ~ and thereby part of what makes us exceptional.”

“The first Lee in the colonies was Richard Lee I,” Brickner continued, “and he’s known as The Immigrant.”

“Richard Lee was an early American immigrant success story,” followed Brickner, “one of the founders of the colonies; his great-great grandson, Henry Lee III, did likewise and worked to build the United States.”

“Henry Lee suffered a beating in Baltimore,” closed Brickner, “and never fully recovered; what he did though, honoring his revolutionary arts in peace as well as war, is recoverable: it’s an American experience and evidence of exception ~ even the not so pretty kind.”

Brickner has a 1997 political science doctorate from Purdue University and is the author of several political theory books, to include The Promise Keepers: Politics and Promises (1999) and The Book of the Is: A book on bridges (2013). The Bryan William Brickner Blog is an ongoing resource for the political science of constitutions and the biological science of receptors.

Next up is the seventh essay in the War Cry Heal Union series: Monday 11 August and the 150th anniversary of a Civil War day in Georgia, 1864 ~ Johnny Reb and Gus Kotka discuss Robert E. Lee.